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Welcome to the start-up factory

Our passion is to design and make new amazing things using the latest technology. We are makers in heart. The things we create are modern, futuristic, intelligent, software, hardware and anything that might be needed to build the best possible product for the problem. What starts from a thing, evolves to become a proof-of-concept, then a prototype, then a product and in the end a business.


In our path of creating real world applications we have invented and developed following key technologies to reach that goal.


Add Wi-Fi GPS to any Linux computer or Android device.

3D Engine for the real world

Visualize Real World as it is, from little as teeth to large as a country.


Inertial sensor integrations

Make Real world objects to tell about themselves. From measuring work of Backhoe loader to knowing where a bullet lands.

Asset Tracking

Track anything from vehicles in traffic to soldiers and robots on the battlefield.

Situational awareness

Broadcast what you know and what you see to them who need to know and see.

Aerial Mapping

Build smart maps just by flying a UAV on top of the area. These maps will include thermal data, Wi-Fi & cellural networks and myriads of other interesting insights.

The Process

From being a Thing to being a Business

Before anyone has to commit expenses of the full project, we throw a hackaton to build a working proof-of-concept of the product including how it connects to the marketplace. This enables our customers to review the feasibility of the product before making final decisions.

Once the development starts, we get all the needed developers, UI designers, copywriters and other needed people to build the prototype, not only from software point of view, but also to have beautiful graphics, great usability and an innovative UI. We take care of the whole product, not only the code. This is important for two reasons: 1) Our team is already well integrated and they know how to work as a team. 2) Taking care of everything in-house makes it possible to promise that we will be done in four weeks in any case.

On the last day of the project we release the product prototype. This means that there are only working, good-looking features that have been tested and the prototype looks like an actual product from every perspective. Once it is released, the customer can use it in public demonstrations and test how actual users would react to it. In bigger businesses we have worked with, this is usually when the app is launched publicly within the customer organization.

Finally, after the customer has had enough time to test the market (within the company or in public), we are ready to define what the final product should look like. The prototypes we make are always made so that the final product can have all the features of the prototype. This way, if the customer feels that the prototype was exactly what is needed, there will be no more work or risks on the customer side. With bigger customer organizations this will greatly reduce the total cost and time to implement. We have worked with the biggest European and American corporations and used this approach to successfully get to the market in only a few months. Some of the projects we have done have led to companies where we hold stake and participate actively.

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