piikki_web_ikoni_300pxWhy Wait? Have Your Receipts Expensed Right Away!

With Piikki you can have your receipts expensed right on the spot! Piikki uses the device camera to capture an image of the receipt. Once the image is taken, Piikki processes it in a way it looks like it had been scanned with a desktop scanner. It uses an industry leading image processing technology, guaranteeing first class image quality. Piikki eliminates the need to send paper receipts to be expensed. It is a real time saver and an efficiency increaser for any salesperson, CEO, entrepreneur or anyone, who wants to keep track & expense receipts.piikki_mainoskuva2

S.I.S.U. = Scan, Inspect, Send, Upload

S.I.S.U. That’s what Piikki is all about. The Piikki expensing process has 4 steps. In the first step, you will SCAN the receipt. Just get a good grip of your device, and let the auto-shoot take care of the rest. After you have captured the receipt, you canĀ INSPECT the captured image and adjust it if needed. In the next phase Piikki will SEND the receipt to your accountant or accounting department by e-mail. You can also UPLOAD the receipt to the iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive cloud services for easy archiving.

Piikki Makes Receipt Management Easier And Safer

piikki_mainoskuva3Piikki features an In-App document organizer, which helps you to keep your receipts in order. There’s also a password protection option available for protecting your receipts. Piikki can auto-name your receipts using the nearest street address. This geolocation based feature makes it possible to sort receipts by place. Want to know how much that New York taxi ride cost? It’s easy to find receipts based on location.

Piikki Is Friends With Evernotepiikki_mainoskuva4

Evernote is a unique file hosting service. It’s built around notetaking, supports tags, and allows content sharing. This makes Evernote the perfect place to archive your receipts, and to share them with your accountant or accounting department. In Evernote, you can comment, organize, and tag your receipts as you wish.

piikki_mainoskuva5Piikki is officially listed in the Evernote Trunk.